HC Deb 28 February 1912 vol 34 cc1360-1

asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) if he would state the amount expended by the Board on the development of Irish fisheries, not including piers or harbours; the number of sailing boats fitted with motors, keel and beam of boats, and horse-power of motors; the number of new boats fitted with motors purchased by fishermen with the assistance of the Board, size of boats, and power of motors; and the terms on which loans had been granted to fishermen?


The segregation of the particulars asked for in the first part of the question from the Department's general expenditure would be difficult, and would involve so much time and labour that I hope the hon. Gentleman will not press for the information. I am prepared, however, to furnish a Return containing particulars of the total amount advanced between 1st April, 1900, and 31st March, 1911 (the latter being the latest date to which the accounts are made up), by way of loans to fishermen to enable them to procure boats and gear, of the total repayments during that period, of the number of installations of auxiliary motor-power in sailing boats, of the number of new motor fishing boats procured by loans from the Department, and of the horse-power of the engines; and also to supply information regarding the terms on which loans have been advanced. The preparation of the Returns would occupy some time, and I can direct that they shall be sent to the hon. Member.