HC Deb 27 February 1912 vol 34 cc1175-6

asked (1) whether, under the amalgamation of the Customs and Excise services, it is proposed to extend the hours of service of the Customs port clerks from seven to eight hours per day; and whether the increased pay of these clerks will amount to £3 a year; (2) whether the examination which had to be passed by Customs port clerks before entering the Service was of a superior character to that of the Excise and Customs assistants; and whether, under the fusion of the three grades of clerks, the chances of promotion of the Customs port clerks will be lessened?


The points raised in these two questions have already been brought before me by the clerks concerned, who have made certain representations to me, as to the effect on their position of the Hobhouse Report at one deputation, and are coming to see me again. Meantime, I would ask the hon. Member to excuse me from expressing an opinion on particular points forming part of the general case.