HC Deb 14 February 1912 vol 34 cc4-6


My relations with foreign Powers continue to be friendly.

The state of war between Italy and Turkey unfortunately still exists. My Government are ready, whenever a favourable opportunity may present itself, to associate themselves with other Powers in any mediation that may help to bring hostilities to an end.

The situation in Persia continues to engage the serious attention of My Ministers, who are in constant communication with the Russian. Government in regard to the best means of enabling the Persian Government to re-establish, order and tranquillity in the country. Papers will be laid as soon as possible before Parliament in connection with Persian affairs.

I trust that the crisis in China may soon be satisfactorily terminated by the establishment of a stable form of Government in conformity with the views of the Chinese people. My Government continue to observe an attitude of strict non - intervention, while taking all necessary steps to protect British life and property. I fully recognise that the leaders on both sides in China have shown every desire to safeguard the lives and interests of foreigners resident in the Empire. Papers regarding the affairs of China will be laid before you.

I am glad to be able to announce that at an International Conference which sat recently at The Hague and at which I was represented, an agreement was arrived at in regard to the regulation of the trade in opium and kindred drugs. A copy of the Convention, signed at The Hague on the 23rd January, will be presented to Parliament.

In My Indian dominions, the Durbar which I held with the Queen Empress, at Delhi, in order to make known in person My succession to the Imperial Crown of India, has furnished me with overwhelming proof of the devotion of the Princes, Nobles, and Peoples of My Indian Empire to Ourselves and of their loyalty to My rule. In the great Cities of Calcutta and Bombay the spontaneous manifestations of an enthusiastic affection and loyalty with which We were received by all classes of citizens touched Us most deeply.

We were not less moved by the welcome which has been accorded to Us on Our return home and by the sympathy shown to Us by all My subjects in the personal sorrow which has overtaken My family.

I trust that the transfer of the seat of the Government of India from Calcutta to the ancient capital Delhi, and the creation, in consequence of that transfer, of a Governorship for the Presidency of Bengal, of a new Lieutenant-Governorship in Council for Behar, Chota Nagpur and Orissa, and of a Chief Commissionership for Assam, may be fruitful in promoting the prosperity of My Indian Empire.

A Bill to provide for certain details required for the constitution of the new Provinces will be laid before you.


The Estimates for the expenditure of the coming year will in due course be laid before you.


I view with grave concern the prospect of disputes between employers and workmen, and I firmly trust that a reasonable spirit may prevail on both sides and avoid developments that would seriously affect the trade of the country and the welfare of My people.

A measure for the better Government of Ireland will be submitted to you.

A Bill will be laid before you to terminate the Establishment of the Church in Wales and to make provision for its temporalities.

Proposals will be brought forward for the amendment of the law with respect to the Franchise and the Registration of Electors.

A Bill will be introduced to give effect to the unanimous recommendation of the last Imperial Conference, for the amendment and consolidation of the law relating to British nationality.

You will further be invited to consider proposals for deeding by legislation with certain, social and industrial reforms.

Your labours upon these and all other matters I humbly commend to the blessing of Almighty God.

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