HC Deb 30 December 1912 vol 46 cc29-30

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether he has yet made his promised in- quiry in reference to the memorandum on Indian soldiers' leave?

Mr. ACLAND (for the Under-Secretary of State for India)

The memorandum was addressed only to general officers commanding brigades in the Secunderabad Division and related only to furloughs in 1912–13 for non-commissioned officers of the Unattached List—i.e., in non-regimental employ—in that division. It made no change in the regulations which require six years' service in India before furlough can be taken, and had no bearing on soldiers' furloughs generally. Unattached List furloughs are allotted to each division in proportion to the number of men eligible, and in the Secunderabad Division there were eight furloughs for forty-six men. In view of the claims of senior men-the general officers of brigades were informed that applications of men under ten years' service need not be forwarded in 1912–13 as they could not be successful.