HC Deb 19 December 1912 vol 45 cc1658-60
5 and 6. Sir JOHN LONSDALE

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland (1) if he can state from information in possession of the Local Government Board, apart from any statement by the Women's National Health Association, the names of the counties the councils of which have entered into arrangements with the Women's National Health Association for the provision of accommodation at the Peamount, Rossclare, or Allan Ryan sanatoria; and if, in cases where county insurance committees have sent patients to either of these institutions without any arrangements having been made by their respective county councils for the provision of beds, the Grants to those counties for the provision of sanatoria will be liable to any deduction in respect of the patients so sent; and (2) if any deduction will be made from the share of a county in the capital Grant for the erection and equipment of sanatoria and tuberculosis dispensaries in respect of patients sent by a county insurance committee to a private sanatorium receiving a Grant, although the county council has not engaged beds in such private sanatorium; and, if so, on what basis will the deduction be made?


The following counties have sent applications to the Local Government Board for the provision of accommodation in the sanatoria of the Women's National Health Association, namely: Carlow, Cavan, Donegal, Fermanagh, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, King's County, Leitrim, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Roscommon, Tipperary (South Riding), and Westmeath. The list given in answer to a previous question includes the counties where insurance committees have arranged with the association for the treatment of patients at the sanatoria. When patients are sent by insurance committees without any arrangements having been made by the respective county councils, their maintenance will be paid for by the committees, and unless a permanent allocation of accommodation is made, no adjustment of the capital sum available for distribution will be required.


Are there any counties where the county councils have not approved of the insurance committees?


I do not know.


Is it with the sanction, consent, or knowledge of the right hon. Gentleman that information to be used by political opponents is conveyed by the Local Government Board in reference to this?


asked if it is open to an Irish county council to make a bargain with one of the old-established sanatoria without incurring any liability beyond the sum arranged for maintenance?


The answer is in the affirmative, provided that the sanatorium has not received, and does not receive, any assistance out of the capital Grant under the Finance Act, 1911, in respect of the accommodation in question.


asked if, in the case of an Irish county council engaging beds in a private sanatorium for the use of patients sent by the county insurance committee, the deduction from the Grant for the county's share of the capital cost of the beds in addition to the sum charged for maintenance is confined to cases where the sanatorium is built and equipped out of the Grant of £145,000?


No question of a charge against the county share of the Grant could arise unless the institution were provided or assisted at the cost of the Grant. The Grant is not applicable to maintenance expenses.