HC Deb 17 December 1912 vol 45 c1466

I desire to raise a question, of which I have given private notice to the Home Secretary, concerning the very ridiculous privileges given to some, of the habitual criminals in Camp Hill Prison, Isle of Wight. No one is more alive than I am to the humanising influence of kindness in certain cases, but I think if there are humanising influences and kindness and indulgence to be shown, they ought not to be shown to men who have been several times previously convicted, but to the men who have for the first time stepped over the border into the sea of crime, or to the "Star" convict class, but not to the habitual offender. I do not think in the cases to which I refer, that this indulgence is appreciated in the slightest degree. I have opportunity of proving what is going on in the Camp Hill Prison, Isle of Wight, and I took the opportunity not very long ago to visit the new prison.

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