HC Deb 10 December 1912 vol 45 cc258-9

asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) whether he can state where sheep scab exists in Ireland; whether the 135 sheep which came to England with the disease had been examined by his Department; and, if so, had they been passed as diseased animals?


Sheep scab exists in nineteen counties in Ireland. Between 1st July last and 30th ultimo the large number of 348,367 sheep were exported from, Ireland to Great Britain for slaughter within ten days in the foreign animals wharves in that country. These animals were inspected by the Department's portal veterinary inspectors prior to shipment. In the present year thirty-nine sheep were detained by the portal veterinary inspectors as affected with sheep scab. The examination of the exported sheep while under observation after arrival in the foreign animals wharves in Great Britain (where fuller opportunity exists for a much more detailed and minute examination of each separate animal than is possible when the animals are brought to the Irish ports for shipment) resulted, according to the information supplied to the Department by the English Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, in the discovery of the cases referred to in the question.


Could they not give better facilities in Ireland?


The hon. Member will bear in mind that in five months 348,000 sheep were exported, and he knows the pressure has been tremendous during that-period. I do not think the result has been very bad.


Are not these outbreaks due in many instances to the use of defective sheep dip manufactured in this country?