HC Deb 09 December 1912 vol 45 c19

asked what are the extra rates of pay of the Naval Flying Corps, and how many aviators have been definitely appointed at such increased rates of pay?


The extra rates of pay for Naval and Marine officers belonging to the Royal Flying Corps are as follows:—

Per Day.
Ordinary Pay. Flying Pay.
Squadron commander 25s. 8s.
Flight commander 17s. 8s.
Flying officer 12s. 8s.
The commanding officer of the Naval Wing receives £800 a year, with quarters. Flying pay is paid continuously to aeroplane fliers, but only on the days of ascent in the case of airships. Thirteen Naval and Marine officers, who are qualified aviators, have been appointed to the Naval Wing of the Royal Flying Corps, with the increased rates of pay. Four officers are serving on the staff of the Central Flying School, with increased rates of pay. Five other officers have just graduated, and will be graded flying officers immediately.


Are these men university trained?


Does the right hon. Gentleman not think the fact that they are not university trained is a source of danger?


They have all been trained in the naval colleges and have entered the Navy in the regular way, which does not include training at a university.