HC Deb 06 August 1912 vol 41 cc2919-20

asked what is the number of registered friendly societies existing on the 4th May, 1911, and the number of such societies which have become approved or formed State sections under the National Insurance Act?


The registered friendly societies in existence on the 4th May, 1911, including juvenile societies, burial societies, and others not giving sick benefit which have not applied for approval, numbered 6,797. Societies which have so far satisfied the requirements and become approved as separate societies or formed State sections number 662. Many, I understand, have become branches of the larger friendly societies. As I stated, in answer to the hon. Member on the 1st instant, the numbers, including branches, are: Number existing on 4th May, 1911, 27,458; number approved, 19,589.


asked approximately how many of the 10,500,000 members of approved societies under the National Insurance Act are members of approved societies being friendly societies existing on 4th May, 1911, or the State sections thereof or members of approved societies formed by trade unions, or members of approved societies formed by industrial insurance companies, respectively?


The approximate numbers are, respectively, 5,700,000, 1,000,000, and 3,500,000, making a total of about 10,200,000, not including members of new societies.