HC Deb 01 August 1912 vol 41 c2240

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will state the quantity in gallons of ale and porter, gin, rum, and other spirits, respectively, imported into the Gold Coast Colony in the years 1910 and 1911, and the values of each liquor?

The SECRETARY of STATE for the COLONIES (Mr. Harcourt)

The figures for 1910 are: Ale and porter, 98,290 gallons, value £14,517; gin, 498,939 gallons, value £69,406; rum, 1,039,964 gallons, value £82,289; other spirits, 42,722 gallons, value £24,670. And for 1911: Ale and porter, 113,536 gallons, value £16,829; gin, 556,130 gallons, value £79,067; rum, 958,316 gallons, value £79,000; other spirits, 45,336 gallons, value £27,062.


asked if the right hon. Gentleman will state what was the receipt in 1911 from the Import Duty on spirits of all kinds imported into the Gold Coast, and what is the amount of the increase of that sum as compared with1910; and what was the increased duty collected on gin in 1911 as compared with 1910?


The revenue derived from the Import Duties on spirits in 1911 was £421,970, an increase of £37,432 as compared with 1910. Of this increase, £15,610 represents the increase in the amount of the duties collected on gin.