HC Deb 01 August 1912 vol 41 c2255

asked, in view of the fact that many casual workers find difficulty in obtaining employment from the fact that their cards are not stamped for the week, whether the Commissioners will consider the possibility of a scheme suitable to the casually employed, somewhat similar to that contemplated under Section 99 for those casual workers who have to be insured under Part II.?


Schemes may be made under Section 99 for the payment of health as well as of unemployment insurance contributions, and a number of such schemes have, in fact, been approved for particular classes of labour in particular places, and are now in operation. The Commissioners sent out, on 15th May and 3rd July, circulars containing suggestions for schemes of this nature for dealing with casual labour, and will be glad to hear from any groups of employers who are prepared to enter into a suitable scheme for the casual workers employed by them. The Commissioners have lost, and will lose, no opportunities of facilitating the payment of contributions in respect of casual workers by schemes of the nature indicated; but it must be pointed out that such arrangements are only possible with the active co-operaton of groups of employers in the particular industry affected. I am sending to the Noble Lord copies of the circulars mentioned.


The right hon. Gentleman says he is only going to consult the employers. Will he not also consult the workmen?


In many cases they have been consulted already and they will be in the future.