HC Deb 24 November 1911 vol 31 c1587

(1) Every steam boiler used for gene rating steam in or about a mine must whether separate or one of a range—

  1. (a) have attached to it a proper safety valve, and also a proper steam gauge and water gauge, to show respectively the pressure of steam and the height of water in each boiler; and
  2. (b) every water gauge shall be protected by an efficient outer cover to prevent injury to the persons employed; and
  3. (c) be examined thoroughly by a competent person at least once in every fourteen months.

(2) Every such boiler, safety valve, steam gauge, and water gauge must be maintained in proper working condition.

(3) A report of the result of every such examination in the prescribed form and containing the prescribed particulars, shall within fourteen days be entered into or attached to a book to be kept at the mine for the purpose, and the report shall be signed by the person making the examination, and, if that person is an inspector of a boiler-inspecting company or association, by the chief engineer of the company or association.

(4) The foregoing provisions of this Section shall not apply to the boiler of any locomotive which belongs to and is used by any railway company.

(5) A steam boiler shall not be placed underground in any mine after the passing of this Act.

Amendments made: Leave out paragraph (b).

In paragraph (c), at end, insert the words, be cleaned out and examined internally, as far as the construction of the boiler will permit, by the person in charge of it once at least in every three months.

In Sub-section (2), at end, insert the words, and all water gauges shall be adequately protected by a covering or guard unless so constructed as to be equally safe to the persons employed whether so protected or not."—[Mr. Hunter.]