HC Deb 24 November 1911 vol 31 c1586

Where the work of erecting the supports of the roof and sides of working places is done by the workmen employed therein, a sufficient supply of timber or other materials suitable for supports shall be kept at or within ten yards of every working place where coal or stone is being worked, and also at the gate-end, pass-bye, siding, or other similar place in the mine convenient to the workmen; and it shall be the duty of the firemen, examiners or deputies to see that such sufficient supply is so kept.

Amendments made: Leave out the words "coal or stone is being worked," and insert instead thereof the words "in pursuance of this Act supports are required to be erected."

At end of Clause add the words, and any working place in which such a sufficient supply is not kept shall not be deemed to be safe for the purpose of the provisions of this Act. Sufficient timber or other materials as aforesaid, to enable the firemen, examiners, or deputies to see that the provisions of this Section are complied with shall be constantly provided."—[Mr. Hunter.]