HC Deb 16 November 1911 vol 31 c497

That they have agreed to—

Education (Administrative Provisions) (No. 2) Bill,

Isle of Man Harbours Bill,

Railway Companies (Accounts and Returns) Bill, without Amendment.

Merchant Shipping (Stevedores and Trimmers) (No. 2) Bill, with Amendments.

That they do not insist on their Amendment to the Belfast Corporation Bill, to which this House hath disagreed, but propose a new Amendment in lieu thereof, to which they desire the concurrence of this House.

That, they have passed a Bill, intituled "An Act to dissolve the marriage of Josephine Turner Maxwell, of Crinken Abbey, Shankill, in the county of Dublin, with Henry Pendleton Maxwell, her husband, and to enable her to marry again; and for other purposes" [Maxwell's Divorce Bill [Lords].