HC Deb 07 November 1911 vol 30 c1466

asked whether the cost of providing 200,000 largest scale Ordnance maps mounted on linen for the use of land valuation district offices has been noted in the Report of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue for the year ending 31st March, and, if so, under what heading; and whether the expenses and salaries of the Ordnance Survey Department, who, for the convenience of the work of valuation, are proceeding with the revision of the 25-inch Ordnance Survey, will be charged to the Land Valuation Department and not to the Board of Agriculture?


The cost incurred in connection with the provision of the maps used by the Valuation Department, so far as it fell on the Inland Revenue Vote, is included in the figures given in Column 6 of Table 5 of the Commissioners' Report. The maps in question are not precisely as described by the hon. Member. The Ordnance Survey Department is charged generally with the revision of the Ordnance Survey, and such departures from the usual practice of that Department, either by expediting the revision in particular cases or by adding to the informaton furnished, so as to meet the requirements of the Valuation Department, are not considered to require that the cost of the revision should be charged otherwise than as usual to the Board of Agriculture.