HC Deb 06 November 1911 vol 30 cc1256-7

asked whether a branch or an amalgamation of branches in Scotland of an affiliated order whose headquarters are in England may become an approved society in Scotland instead of becoming a branch of the approved society of that order in England; and whether the funds under the control of the Insurance Commissioners relating to approved societies and branches of approved societies in Scotland will have separate treatment and application?


Under the proposals of the Bill the society, and not any of its separate branches, would become the approved society; but, under an Amendment tabled by my right hon. Friend on Saturday, branches of a society grouped geographically may be treated for the purposes of valuations, surpluses, and deficiencies, as if they formed a separate society, if the total number of members of the grouped branches exceeds 5,000. As regards the latter part of the question, I do not quite understand what sort of differentiation my hon. Friend has in mind. There will not be a separate fund for Scotland.


Does the figure of 5,000 apply to Scotland, or is that country to get a lower number, say 1,000, like Ireland?


The figure 5,000 does apply to Scotland.