HC Deb 10 May 1911 vol 25 c1213

asked (1) what is the reason for the War Office having ordered that the issue of carbines and camp equipment to lads' brigades should cease; and whether there has been any change in the policy of the department towards these brigades; and, if so, whether it is due to any failure of such brigades to make themselves efficient; and (2) whether the War Office has considered the effect upon lads' brigades, who are not able to become cadet corps affiliated to the Territorial Army, of forbidding Army officers on the active list to inspect such brigades in uniform; and whether, in view of the result to such brigades who are doing useful work in preparing the way for recruiting for the Regular and Territorial forces, the Secretary of State will reconsider the recent decision to prevent officers on the active list encouraging such brigades by inspecting them in uniform?


I have nothing to add to the statements which have on previous occasions been made to the House concerning the policy of the Government towards the lads' brigades. It is not considered justifiable to give military aid to bodies which do not comply with any military requirements, and maintain no military connection.

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