HC Deb 05 May 1911 vol 25 c736

Address for "Return showing, in the case of each of the following Crown Colonies and Protectorates, viz., Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Northern Territories, Lagos, Southern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, British East Africa, Uganda, Seychelles, Nyasaland, Federated Malay States, Trinidad, Jamaica, British Guiana, and British Honduras:—

  1. I. (a) The estimated area of the Colony in square miles;
  2. (b) The estimated area of lands of which the freehold is considered as vested in private persons, or chiefs, or corporations, whether registered or not;
  3. (c) The estimated area of lands held of the Crown on terminable lease, whether registered or not;
  4. (d) The estimated area of lands in which, as yet, the Government do not recognise any private person, chief, or corporation as having either a freehold or a leasehold interest;

  1. II. (a) Area of land of which the freehold was sold by the Government, and the price realised therefor, in each of the five last years for which statistics are available;
  2. (b) Area of land leased by the Government., and the rent acknowledged as due therefor, in each of the same years;

  1. III. (a) Under what conditions as to maximum area, effective occupation, upset price, taxation, compensation to natives, ownership of minerals, etc., is the freehold of land now sold by the Government;
  2. (b) Under what conditions as to maximum area, effective occupation, minimum rent, revisability of rent, ownership of minerals, period of lease, compensation to natives, etc., is a lease of land now granted by the Government;

  1. IV. If chiefs or tribes are considered by the Government as owners of the freehold of land, are any, and, if so, what, restrictions placed upon the alienation of such lands to private individuals (white or black), or to corporations or syndicates."—[Mr. Wedgwood.]