HC Deb 05 May 1911 vol 25 c737

I wish to draw your attention, Mr. Speaker, to two matters. The first is that the second and third items on the Orders of the Day are not yet printed. I am sorry to do this again, but I called at the Vote Office and was unable to obtain a copy of either of those two Bills. I wish, in pursuance of the advice you kindly gave me a week ago, to say that the Bill you then referred to was called last night after Eleven o'clock, although it has not yet peen printed. I took objection to it, and several hon. Members came and spoke to me about its provisions. I went with them to the Vote Office but we were unable to obtain a copy of the Bill. That was the Bill that was second item last, Friday. I found that hon. Members had mistaken it for another Bill. That leads to very great confusion, and my motives are misunderstood when I am objecting to a Bill which no one in the House has had the opportunity of reading.


I can only repeat what I said a week ago, namely, that I cannot pass over an Order of the day. I am hound to have it called. The fact that Bills have not been printed and circulated is a very strong reason for the House not to commit itself to the principles of them. The hon. Member is perfectly justified in objecting to a Bill that is not printed. I think the hon. Member need not be alarmed about the Second Order to-day.