HC Deb 04 May 1911 vol 25 cc606-7

asked whether, in the case of a man being re-employed at the Royal Arsenal, a difference will be made between the rates for sickness or for injury that he would have received had he been transferred from the torpedo factory to another department and the rates he will now be paid in the event of sickness or of injury; and, if so, the amount of the difference; and whether the qualifying period for a gratuity under the regulations of the Ordnance Factories counts from the-date of first entry or from the date of reentry?

Colonel SEELY

There will be no difference in the rates of sick or injury pay except in the case of a man who had been continuously employed to the date of his discharge from before 1st August, 1900. Such a man on being re-employed comes under the revised terms, which have effect for all men entered or re-entered in the Ordnance Factories on or after that date. The main differences between these revised terms and the earlier terms are:—Sick pay after ten years' service, half pay at day work rating instead of three-quarters pay at day work rating. Injury pay, half average weekly earnings instead of full pay at day work rating. The period for gratuity counts from the date of first entry, provided, of course, that no gratuity has already been paid.