HC Deb 04 May 1911 vol 25 c578

asked the Chief Secretary how many evicted tenants and representatives of evicted tenants in Queen's County have lodged application for reinstatement in their former or equivalent holdings; how many have been approved by the Estates Commissioners as entitled to, and suitable for, reinstatement; how many evicted tenants have been reinstated in Queen's County by the landlords and by the Estates Commissioners; how many applications have been respectively refused; and how many approved applicants are still unprovided with a suitable holding?


Up to 31st March last, 393 applications were received from persons seeking reinstatement as tenants, or representatives of tenants, evicted from holdings in Queen's County. After inquiry the Estates Commissioners decided in 186 cases to take no action. Ninety-four applicants have been reinstated in their former holdings or provided with others. Twenty-four applications have been noted for consideration in the allotment of any untenanted land which the Commissioners may acquire, and seven will be further considered when the estates come before the Commissioners for sale under the Land Purchase Acts. The remaining applications were not received within the time limited by the Evicted Tenants Act, 1907, and cannot be dealt with under that Act.