HC Deb 29 March 1911 vol 23 cc1336-7

asked the Chief Secretary whether the Congested Districts Board has not yet completed the turbary roads on the Winn estate, Glenbeigh; and whether, in view of the fact that many of the tenants who had given up possession of their old bogs on the roadside are now compelled to pay for turf, as there are no facilities to enable them to cut turf on the bogs allotted to them, he will request the Board to complete the necessary roads?


The Congested Districts Board have completed all the turbary roads they intend to make on the Winn estate. Over three miles of bog roads have been made, and a first or home supply of turbary has been allotted to all tenants who required it, with a roadway sufficiently good to give access to each turbary plot on this supply. No macadamised roads are made to the second turbary supply, but passages are lock spitted to these plots, and it is not anticipated that the secondary supply will be required by the tenants for a number of years.