HC Deb 27 March 1911 vol 23 cc893-4

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if the numerous amounts mentioned in the Civil Service Estimates for the coming year as unclaimed are regarded as being forfeited to the Crown, or if any effort is made to find the legal representatives of those Civil servants to whom these moneys are due?


If the pension of a Civil servant remains undrawn for a year the Paymaster-General addresses a communication to the pensioner, and in case of death this enables his legal representatives to apply for any balance of the pension which may be due to the estate. If a pension is unclaimed for two whole years it is removed from the Estimates; but it may be restored if the circumstances-justify such a course. The amounts to which the hon. Member alludes are not the actual amounts due, but the annual rates of pensions which are reported to Parliament as no longer required.