HC Deb 14 March 1911 vol 22 cc2055-6

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty whether his attention has been called to the fact that several of the medical officers of his Department have resigned their membership of the British committee formed for the purpose of preparing a British exhibit at the International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden, on learning of the decision of His Majesty's Government not to support this exhibition; and whether, in view of the recent expression of commendation addressed by the President of the Board of Trade in the name of the Government to the chairman of the committee, he would advise these gentlemen to join the committee again and assist in preparing a suitable exhibit in connection with diving, naval hygiene, and other cognate matters?


I am unaware whether naval medical officers have at any time taken part privately in the work of the committee. None have joined it officially. The Admiralty cannot undertake to send an exhibit, and I regret, therefore, that I cannot act on the suggestion contained in the second part of the question.


asked the Home Secretary whether he agreed to the inclusion of the names of Dr. Smalley and Captain Eccles, of the Prison Commission, in the list of the British Executive Committee for the International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden; and whether he proposes to send delegates to the conferences on prison hygiene and on factory legislation and regulations which are to be held in connection with that exhibition?


I understand that the organiser of the Scientific Department of the British Executive Committee sent an invitation last year to Dr. Smalley and Captain Eccles to join the committee, and that he was informed by the Prison Commissioners, to whom the matter was referred, that no objection would be raised to their doing so. Nothing further has been heard on the subject, nor has the Home Office received any invitation to send delegates to conferences either on prison hygiene or on factory legislation to be held in connection with the exhibition.