HC Deb 01 March 1911 vol 22 c502

Ordered, That so much of the Lords Message [27th February] as relates to the Local Government Acts, 1888 and 1894, and Local Government (Scotland) Acts, 1889 and 1894, be now considered:

Lords Message considered accordingly.

Ordered, That a Select Committee of Five Members be appointed to join with a Committee of the Lords, as mentioned in their Lordships Message of 27th February, to inquire into the application of the provisions contained in the Local Government Acts, 1888 and 1894, and the Local Government (Scotland) Acts, 1889 and 1894, relating to financial adjustments consequent on the alteration of the boundaries of a Local Government area or on an alteration in the constitution or status of the governing body of a Local Government area, and to report to the House if they are of opinion that any Amendments in such provisions are desirable.


moved, "That the Committee do consist of Mr. Arkwright, Mr. Bagot, Mr. Cameron Corbett, Mr. C. N. Nicholson, and Sir Luke White."

Question proposed, "That Mr. Arkwright be a Member of the Committee."


I do not wish to object to this name, but I think it very essential that on the question of dealing with the financial relations between the county councils and the local authorities the borough councils should be represented on this Committee. I regret to see that all the Members proposed represent counties. [Several HON. MEMBERS: "NO."]


If the matter is to be discussed, I object.

It being after Eleven of the clock, and objection being taken to further proceeding, the Debate stood adjourned.

Debate to be resumed to-morrow.