HC Deb 26 June 1911 vol 27 cc233-4

asked whether pensions officers in Ireland are required to report when more than one member of a family seeks an old age pension; whether he is aware that no such rule exists in England or Scotland, and whether he will see that the Act is administered in the same way in Ireland as in Great Britain?


asked whether, in view of the misunderstanding to which it has given rise, the Local Government Board will withdraw Circular No. 66 issued to pension officers?


also asked whether pension officers in Ireland have been instructed to specially report to the Local Government Board when more than one member of a family applies for an old age pension; whether there is any statutory authority for such an order; whether it is calculated or intended to prejudice the interests of any applicant; and, if not, whether it will be withdrawn?


I would refer the hon. Members to my reply to a question on this subject asked by the hon. Member for North Monaghan on 11th May. The form referred to elicits information which facilitates the Local Government Board in deciding appeals, and has not given rise, so far as the Board are aware, to any misunderstanding. I see no reason to discontinue the issue of the form.


Why is this form issued in Ireland and not in Great Britain?


In Ireland we have five or six times the number of appeals as in England, and we have found, as a matter of experience, that it is a great convenience where they are members of the same family that the information given by each should be at the service of the Local Government Board in deciding the appeals. There is no question as to members of the same family being on the pension list at the same time if they fulfil the statutory requirements.