HC Deb 20 June 1911 vol 27 cc148-9

May I ask the Under-Secretary of State for War whether any arrangements have been made for watering the horses of the cavalry and artillery which will be engaged in lining the streets or taking part in the processions on Thursday or Friday?

Colonel SEELY

I have only just received notice of the question, and I cannot give the hon. Member detailed particulars, but I may say generally that arrangements have been made, and I can promise him every effort will be made to avoid undue suffering of the horses.


May I ask the hon. Member for Southampton, as representing the First Commissioner of Works, whether any alteration has been made with regard to the hour at which hon. Members have to be in their seats in Westminster Abbey?

TREASURER of the HOUSEHOLD (Mr. Dudley Ward)

The general order is that all the doors shall be closed at nine o'clock; but, having regard to the fact that Members of the House of Commons who will be in the House at that hour will have to walk only a few yards across Old Palace Yard—to which the public will not be admitted — and will be able to proceed to their places in the Abbey by a direct passage without disturbing the other occupants of seats in the building the Earl Marshal has made a modification of the Order with respect to Members of the House of Commons. Members of the House, and ladies accompanying them, if coming from the House, will be able to enter the Abbey up to 9.30. I should remind hon. Members that the first procession in the Abbey will start at that hour, that about 1,200 persons will be finding their way to the House of Commons seats, and that the passages and ways to the seats are very narrow; therefore I would respectfully ask hon. Members to make every effort to be in their places by 9.30, for that hour has been fixed as the latest possible moment for their special convenience.


May I ask the Home Secretary a question of which I have given him private notice. Will the right hon. Gentleman kindly state to the House the final police arrangements with regard to the opening and closing of the Westminster Underground station, so that Members and their friends may know how they are to proceed to their stands?


My right hon. Friend has asked me to reply. Westminster Bridge Station will be closed on the 22nd and 23rd instant as soon as, in the opinion of the police, the state of the streets renders this course imperative. Having regard to the position of the station, it will probably be necessary to close it at an early hour. It will be re-opened after the departure of the Royal Procession. The entrance to the subway to the Houses of Parliament from the Embankment will be kept open all day.


Are we to understand no privileges will be afforded to Members of Parliament and their friends to alight at Westminster Bridge Station on Thursday and Friday?


Yes, arrangements have been made.