HC Deb 19 June 1911 vol 27 cc18-9

asked, with reference to the National Insurance Bill, what provision it is proposed to make for the maintenance and medical treatment of such insured persons amongst the deposit contributors as do not recover from their ill-health by the time the money standing to their credit, less the Government deductions, is exhausted; and is it intended that such persons, notwithstanding that compulsory deductions have been made from their wages for insurance in a compulsory scheme as insured persons, should become a burden upon the poor rates and themselves classed as paupers?


In the last resort deposit contributors will no doubt still have to have recourse to the Poor Law, but this will only happen when they have drawn by way of benefit, not only the whole amount of the compulsory deductions from their wages, but the employers' contributions and the State contributions as well. Under existing conditions they would usually have to resort to the Poor Law at once.