HC Deb 28 July 1911 vol 28 cc1895-6

The election by contributing members of the committee shall take place in the month of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and twelve and in the month of May in every third year thereafter and the said elections shall be conducted in the following manner namely—within the first ten days of such month in the year one thousand nine hundred and twelve and in every third year thereafter as aforesaid any six at least of the contributing members may send to the secretary of the superannuation fund (hereinafter called "the secretary") a nomination paper signed by them containing the names of not more than four contributing members whom they desire to propose for election as committeemen. If four persons and no more shall be so proposed, such four persons shall be considered duly elected. But if more than four persons shall be proposed the secretary shall in any such case not later than the eighteenth day of the said month send to every contributing member at his station or place of service as entered in the register of contributing members a printed form of voting paper containing the names of the persons so proposed together with the names of the proposers of each respective candidate. Each contributing member may vote for such of the candidates on such voting paper not exceeding four as he pleases and shall do so by striking out the names of the candidates for whom he does not desire to vote and signing his name on the inside of the flap of an envelope and returning the voting paper in such envelope to the secretary within ten days of the date of the voting paper. The secretary shall in the presence of two scrutinizers appointed by the committee count the votes so given for each of the several candidates and shall make out a list thereof and within seven days after the expiration of the last-mentioned ten days sign such list and declare the four persons elected who shall according to such counting have received the largest number of votes as members of the committee and shall notify the same to the several persons elected. And the said list of votes so taken and signed by the secretary together with the voting papers, shall be handed by him to the chairman of the committee at the first meeting of the committee thereafter and in the event of any candidates having an equal number of votes the chairman for the time being of the company shall have the casting vote.

Amendments made: Leave out the words "together with the names of the proposers of each respective candidate."

After the word "of" ["in the presence of two scrutineers"], insert the words "all or such of the candidates as may desire to attend, and of".

After the word "Committee" ["appointed by the Committee"], insert the words "open the envelopes and".