HC Deb 21 July 1911 vol 28 cc1424-5

Considered in Committee.


[Mr. EMMOTT in the Chair.]


I beg to move, "That it is expedient to authorise the payment out of the Revenues of India of gratuities in certain cases to the legal personal representatives of persons who have been on the establishment of the Secretary of State in Council of India."

I think I can assure the House this matter is neither contentious nor one which need delay us for more than a few minutes. When the Bill is printed, if the House will give me leave to introduce it, I shall print on the first page a memorandum which will explain entirely the objects of the Bill, and I think I can confine myself to-day to just stating what will be in the memorandum. The Government of India Act, 1858, Section 18, gives power to the Secretary of State in Council for India to-giant a secretary, officer or servant not on the establishment such compensation, or superannuation or retiring allowance as may be granted to members of the Civil Service in England under the Superannuation Act. When the last Superannuation Act was passed the Indian Civil Service was not brought under it. Had it been they would have got the same gratuities or allowances as were granted to their English fellow Civil servants. By the Superannuation Act, 1909, the Treasury took power not only to give Civil servants gratuities and superannuation allowances, but also, when a Civil servant died while still on the active list, to his widow or other personal representative, whereas under the Act of 1858 we were only allowed to-pay gratuities to the men themselves. It seemed a great hardship that when, with the greater kindliness of the provisions under this Act, the Treasury gave the widow the superannuation gratuity, it was not also conceded to the India Office. It is just to repair that omission and to secure an indemnity in the one case in which the grant has been paid that this Resolution is brought forward, and I am sure the House will treat it as non-contentive.


I am glad to have an assurance from the Government that when this Resolution comes to the stage of a Bill, we shall have all the requisite facts and figures before us, so as to enable us to judge what will be the charge on the Indian Revenue.

Question put and agreed to; Resolution to be reported upon Monday next.