HC Deb 12 July 1911 vol 28 cc365-6

asked whether a man named H. Hugget was taken into the Banbury Workhouse and treated in the infirmary and then discharged; whether a few days later he again presented himself for admittance to the infirmary, when he was put into the tramps' ward and kept there three days, then by the instruction of the master he was ordered to the body of the house, after three days he was admitted to the infirmary where he died in forty-eight hours; and, if so, whether an inquiry can be held into the case?


On the case coming to my notice I caused inquiry to be made. I find that the man, a single man and an organ-grinder, was in the Banbury Infirmary from the end of December till some time in February. He then took his discharge against the advice of the medical officer. He was readmitted to the workhouse eight days later, and was at first placed in the tramp ward, where he was visited daily by the medical officer, who did not consider him ill enough to be placed in the infirmary, and on the third day was sent by the medical officer to the body of the house. On seeing him again a few days later he found serious symptoms and ordered his immediate removal to the infirmary. There may have been an error of judgment on the part of the medical officer, but the information before me does not suggest that there was any wilful negligence in the matter on the part of any of the workhouse staff.