HC Deb 03 July 1911 vol 27 cc803-4

asked whether, under the National Insurance Bill, a man in receipt of wages of 21s. per week and at present insured in a friendly society for sick pay up to 12s. a week, will, if he pay the 4d. per week contribution under the Bill in addition to whatever contribution he is at present paying, if he becomes sick receive from the State 9s. per week and from the society 12s. per week, or whether he will receive from the State 10s. per week and from the society 11s. per week; whether, in view of the fact that in either case he will receive Is. per week less than he has paid contributions for, the value of that 1s. per week is to be paid to him in the form of some other benefit; and whether in such a case a money benefit payable to a wife while the husband is sick would be permitted?


The answer to the hon. Member's question depends entirely upon the arrangements made by the particular society under Clause 55. If his society has made other arrangements for the application of the released funds he could have the full 10s. from the State, but not otherwise. In reply to his second question, under Clause 55 his society would be able to pay him an equivalent to 1s. a week in the case referred to. In reply to the third question, such a benefit would come within Clause 55 of the Bill.