HC Deb 28 February 1911 vol 22 c218

moved, "That, in all cases where the seat of any Member has been declared void on the ground of corrupt practices or illegal practices, no Motion for the issue of a New Writ shall be made without two clear days' previous notice on the Notice Paper of the House, and that such Notice be considered before the Orders of the Day and Notices of Motions."


I would like to ask the right hon. Gentleman a question. I do not make any objection to the Motion, which, I believe, follows the ordinary course. Originally seven days were required in cases of this sort, but later usage has been contented to accept two days' notice. I believe I am correct in stating that the Judges have not yet reported upon the Petitions, and I would ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he will see that Notice is not given until the Report of the Judges is in the hands of the House?


That is a reasonable request, and I see no difficulty in acceding to it.

Question put, and agreed to.