HC Deb 28 February 1911 vol 22 cc191-2

asked whether, after the expeditionary force of six divisions had left these shores, there would be at the present time 422,556 trained troops in being remaining in these islands, and, if so, how many of them would be fully trained, how many partially trained, and how many untrained; what, in numbers, would be the shortage of officers in the different units; and whether the full complement of guns, horses, and transport, with all the full equipment required for these 422,556 men actually exist at the present time complete for immediate and simultaneous mobilisation if required?


The figures are nearly as stated, and are composed as follows:—

Regulars 55,988
Regular Reserve 34,871
Special Reserve 59,455
Territorial Force 260,981
Militia and Militia Reserve 4,076
Regular Reserve from abroad 7,225
Total 422,596

I cannot, however, undertake to deal with the various points raised in a reply to a question. Further, it is not customary or expedient to publish the exact state of preparation of the forces for immediate mobilisation.