HC Deb 23 February 1911 vol 21 c2080

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that, where an Advisory Board in connection with Labour Exchanges holds its meetings in the afternoon, some members of the board have to absent themselves from their employment in order to attend, with a consequent loss of wages; whether he is aware that, when the meeting is held in the town in which the member resides, no expenses are allowed; and whether he will take steps either to compensate such members for their loss or secure an alteration in the hour of meeting?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Mr. Buxton)

The matters to which my hon. Friend refers have been brought to my attention and are now receiving careful consideration.


asked the right hon. Gentleman if he will state the cost incurred in opening and maintaining the Labour Exchanges from February, 1910, to 30th December, 1910, the number of applications made for work during that period, and the number of temporary and permanent vacancies filled?


The expenditure on Labour Exchanges from February, 1910, to 30th December, 1910, in respect of salaries, travelling, stationery, and incidentals was approximately £100,000. The amount of the expenditure incurred in respect of the hire and adaptation of premises for Labour Exchanges cannot at present be stated. The number of applications for work made during that period was 1,588,534. These numbers include the re-applications by persons whose applications had lapsed or been cancelled. There is also a certain amount of duplicate registration. The above numbers cannot, therefore, be taken as in any way representing separate individuals. The total number of vacancies filled during that period was 374,313, exclusive of the vacancies for casual employment filled by two Exchanges in Liverpool and Manchester dealing with cotton porters and cloth porters respectively. What proportion of the number given were temporary or permanent cannot be stated.