HC Deb 23 February 1911 vol 21 c2082
Sir C. KINLOCH-COOKE (for Mr. Goldman)

asked whether, in view of the higher nutritive value of bread containing the germ and inner cuticle of the wheat berry over ordinary white bread, he will consider the desirability of providing that, in Admiralty contracts, no bread and flour shall be supplied containing these eliminated constituents?


It was the practice until recent years to supply the Navy with "stone-ground" flour produced in Government mills at the victualling yards; but there was considerable prejudice amongst the men against the dark-coloured bread and puddings which this flour produced, and very little was consumed. It was consequently decided to dismantle the Government mills, and to purchase from millers the "roller-ground" flour which is used in the private trade. The bread, etc., made from this flour is very popular in the Navy. Before eliciting the present opinion of the Fleet on the subject it is proposed to wait until the Local Government Board experts, who are at present investigating the comparative nutritive qualities of the various descriptions of flour, have made their report.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that in the opinion of some of the leading millers in the country the so-called standard bread consists of ordinary bread made with ordinary flour to which a little pig meal has been added?


I was not aware of that. I can only repeat that the bluejackets who had this bread do not seem to like it.


Before any change is made, will the opinion of the men be obtained?


Yes, Sir. The sailors have strong opinions of their own as to whether they like food or they do not.