HC Deb 21 May 1910 vol 116 cc382-3
69. Captain COOTE

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture whether the category of ex-Ser vice men includes men who have served in previous wars; and whether these will be granted the same facilities for settling on the land as men who have served in this War?


Clause 10 (4) of the Land Settlement Bill provides that preference shall be given to men who have served in the present War, but the Board would be prepared to consider amendments extending the scope of the preference to men who served in previous wars.


asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture if [...]l.e will state how many applications have been received from ex-Service men for small holdings; what percentage of those applications have obtained small holdings; what means have been taken to ascertain the number of men who desire small holdings; and what means have been taken to make known the Government settlement policy as declared in election pledges?


As the answer is rather long, I propose to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following is the Answer referred to:

County Council Holdings.—The total number of applications received by County Councils from ex-Service and Service men is 16,810, many of the applicants being not yet demobilised. The number already provided with holdings is 349.

FARM SETTLEMENTS ADMINISTRATED BY THE BOARD.—The total number of applications received from Service or ex-Service men for small holdings at one of the Board's Farm Settlements, is 834. Of these 186 have been received from men who are still serving, and 234 have withdrawn their applications, or been referred to the Council of their respective counties. The number provided with holdings is 56, the number at the Settlements still on probation is 62, and a further 35 ex-Service men are also at work at the Settlements, making a total of 153 out of 414 (net) applicants.

As regards the latter part of the question I am sending to the hon. Member a pamphlet entitled "Land Settlement in the Mother Country," which has been distributed by the Board, the War Office, and the Admiralty to any officer or man who desired information as to land settlement.