HC Deb 23 March 1910 vol 15 cc1129-30

I should like to" ask whether it is the intention to take the Resolutions on the Paper with regard to the relations between the two Houses every day next week, except Friday; and is it the case that Supply is to be taken on Thursday or not, and, if so, what business will be put down? I should further like to know whether it is still the intention of the Government to introduce their policy with regard to the House of Lords in the form of a Resolution in the House of Lords, or whether it is their intention to introduce the Resolution in the form of a Bill. If I might be allowed to do so, I would ask that during the. Recess the Members of the Government who are here should consider very seriously whether they ought not to introduce the policy regarding the House of Lords in the form of a Bill and not in the form of a Resolution, as has been announced. There is the obvious reason which will appear at once even from the party point of view, and that is, if we are to have an election, it is much better to light an election on a Bill than on a Resolution. The man in the street does not understand a Resolution. A Resolution is at best a pious opinion. A Bill is the embodiment of a legislative proposal, and I would very strongly urge the Government even at this late hour to reconsider their whole policy with regard to the manner in which they are going to introduce their policy as to the House of Lords into the Second Chamber. I would ask the Government to reconsider their intention in regard to introducing a Resolution in the Second Chamber.


In reply to my hon. Friend I have to say that the Government propose to devote the whole of Tuesday, the half of Wednesday, and all Thursday to the Motion to go into Committee on the Veto Resolution. We do not propose to take Supply on Thursday, and, as my hon. Friend has said, Friday is naturally a day for private Members. With regard to the latter portion of my Friend's question, I am sure he is too old a Parliamentary hand to expect me to make any pronouncement of policy on behalf of the Prime Minister, but if he will put a question on the Paper I am sure the Prime Minister will be glad to answer it on the re-assembling of the House on Tuesday.


I shall be pleased to do so.

Question put, and agreed to.

Adjourned accordingly at Twelve minutes before Five o'clock till to-morrow morning at Ten o'clock.