HC Deb 14 March 1910 vol 15 cc8-10

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if he will state how many Government Departments have representatives upon the Advisory Committee appointed to ensure that contractors for Government work, in the carrying out of their contracts, comply with the Fair Wages Resolution of the House of Commons; and whether the Members of the Advisory Committee meet periodically to consider all contracts before they are entered into, for the purpose of verifying the bona fides of the persons tendering, or whether they meet only after complaints have been received regarding the non-observance by any contractor of the terms of such Fair Wage Resolution?


The Departments represented on the Fair Wages Advisory Committee are the War Office, Admiralty, India Office, Post Office, Office of Works, Stationery Office, Irish Board of Works, and the Crown Agents for the Colonies. The Chairman of the Committee is the Comptroller-General of the Labour Department of the Board of Trade. The Committee meets from time to time, and the subjects for consideration are best indicated by the terms of reference, which are as follows: "To advise the Departments of Government ealing with contractors as to the form of clauses in contracts by which the Resolution of the House of Commons of 10th March, 1909, can best be carried into effect, and as to the methods of securing observance of such clauses, and generally to make such recommendations as they may deem advisable to promote uniformity of administration and co-operation between Departments in dealing with the question of the payment of fair wages by Government contractors "The general procedure with regard to complaints of non-observance of Fair Wages clauses is substantially that laid down in paragraphs 121–124 of the Report of the Fair Wages Committee, which was presented to Parliament in 1908 (Cd. 4,422)."


May I ask whether, in addition to the employés of the War Office, those of the Naval and Victualling Yards will be able to apply to this Committee for redress of their grievances?


Yes, I imagine so, because the Admiralty are represented on the Committee.


Is there any power to enforce the Fair Wage Resolution in the case of foreign contractors doing work for our Government?


That does not arise out of this question.