HC Deb 11 March 1910 vol 14 c1872

Ordered, That a Select Committee be appointed to control the arrangements for the Kitchen and Refreshment Rooms in the Department of the Serjeant-at-Arms attending this House:

That the Committee do consist of seventeen Members:

That Sir Henry Dalziel, Mr. Fenwick, Mr. Haworth, Viscount Helmsley, Sir Ivor Herbert, Mr. Hermon Hodge, Mr. John D. Hope, Colonel Lockwood, Mr. Lonsdale, Mr Patrick O'Brien, Mr. Power, Colonel Proby, Mr. William Redmond, Sir Harry Samuel, Mr. William Thorne, Mr. Walrond, and Mr. Dudley Ward be Members of the Committee:

That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records:

That three be the quorum.—[Mr. Gulland.]

Whereupon Mr. Speaker adjourned the House without Question put, in pursuance of Standing Order No. 3.

Adjourned at Two minutes after Five o'clock till Monday next, 14th March.