HC Deb 03 March 1910 vol 14 c961

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether the Local Government Board for Ireland afforded any protection or remedy within the reach of poor people when paid officials of local councils threaten recipients of outdoor relief that the relief will be withdrawn unless their male relatives vote for a particular candidate at a Parliamentary election, and threaten applicants for labourers' cottages with the loss of the cottages on the same grounds?


No instance has been brought to the notice of the Local Government Board of a person being threatened with the withdrawal of outdoor relief or the loss of a labourers' cottage in the circumstances mentioned. The Local Government Board have frequently informed boards of guardians that an officer of the union should not interfere in elections beyond exercising his statutory right to vote; and if any definite case of the use of threats such as those indicated in the question were brought to the Board's knowledge they would investigate it.