HC Deb 30 June 1910 vol 18 cc1119-22

I wish to ask the Prime Minister two questions-one, whether he will make his usual Thurday's statement as to the business of next week; and the other is in reference to the second Notice of Motion in his name, that "the Proceedings of the Committee of Ways and Means, if under consideration at Eleven o'clock this night, be not interrupted, under the Standing Order."

Of course I am well aware that it is the usual Motion on this occasion, and I hope I may assume that the Prime Minister intends to follow the usual course, and has no intention to keep the House sitting late, and that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will arrange that the real Budget discussion shall be on the Resolution to be taken at some later day. It is obviously inconvenient that we should have the discussion at this moment.


I have no hesitation in giving the right hon. Gentleman that assurance. We shall take the ordinary Tea Resolution to-day, but the general discussion will take place on the Income Tax Resolution. In regard to the first question put by the right hon. Gentleman, I perhaps may be allowed, for the convenience of the House, to make a rather more extended statement than is usual in answer to the weekly inquiry. The Government have thought it their duty, as we are now at the end of the month of June, to make a careful survey of the work which has to be got through before a Prorogation, and of the time available for it. The necessary business, of course, has been increased in volume by the demise of the Crown. We find that, if the House were to sit on continuously, there is no prospect of its accomplishing its task, at the earliest, before the end of August. In these circumstances, and in view of the fact that with the interlude of the General Election, the House has been sitting for the greater part of eighteen months, we have come to the conclusion that the best course will be to adjourn at the end of July, or, at the latest, in the first week in August, until a date some time in the month of November. There are certain measures, such, for instance, as the Regency Bill, Civil List Bill, Census Bills, and Judicature Bill, which must be disposed of before we adjourn. Others, such as the later stages of the Budget, possibly the later stages of the Accession Declaration Bill, the Bill for the Removal of the Pauper Disqualification for Old Age Pensions, and the Naval Prize Bill, we should propose to take after the adjournment.

As regards the immediate future,

To-morrow (Friday) we shall take—

Report of the Public Accounts Committee.

The Ardrossan Mail Contract

Public Works Loans Bill; Second Reading.

The two Census Bills; Report and Third Reading.

And, if time permits, the Second Reading of the Aldermen in Municipal Boroughs Bill.

Monday.—The Budget Resolutions will be taken in Committee of Ways and Means; to commence the general discussion.

Tuesday.2014;It will be convenient to proceed with the Committee stage of the Regency Bill, the Second Beading of the Mines Accidents Bill, and the Report stage of the Supreme Court of Judicature Bill.

Wednesday.—We shall resume the discussion in Committee of Ways and Means of the Budget Resolutions.

Thursday.—Irish Supply, the Votes being: Local Government Board, Class 2, Vote 36; Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, Class 2, Vote 24.

Friday.—We shall endeavour to complete the Supreme Court of Judicature Bill, and to make progress with several minor measures.

I may here state, for the convenience of the House, that we propose to give Monday, 11th July, and if the promoters wish, Tuesday, 12th July, to the Second Reading of the Parliamentary Franchise (Women) Bill, Wednesday, 13th July, the Board of Education Vote, and Thursday to the Navy Construction Vote.


A statement of the importance of that made by the Prime Minister is usually made under circumstances in which some discussion of it is possible. It would be obviously impossible to have any dilatory Motion today, and it would be impossible to discuss it in any other way. Shall we have the opportunity of discussing the proposed arrangements of the Prime Minister?


I will certainly consider that. I cannot give a definite pledge at this moment.


May I inquire when we shall have the Supplementary Estimates covering the cost of the funeral of the late King, and if we shall have the opportunity of then discussing the provision or lack of provision for Members of Parliament?


Can the right hon. Gentleman give us any idea as to the date of the Scottish Estimates?


May I ask when the Indian Budget is likely to be taken?


With regard to the Supplementary Estimates for the expense of the Royal funeral, I understand they will be ready about the middle of the month of July. With regard to the Scottish Estimates and the Indian Budget, I would rather defer a definite statement until Thursday next.


Do I rightly understand that the Resolutions on the Tea Duty and the Income Tax, which are now the only remaining annual Resolutions, shall be carried now and remain in force as from 5th April and last until November, although the Act still remains in abeyance?




May I ask the Prime Minister whether he intends or hopes to make any statement with regard to the Conference before the House adjourns?


I would rather wait a little bit.


May I ask as to the date of the Second Reading of the Accession Declaration Bill?


I cannot give the precise date, but certainly before the adjournment.


Has the right hon. Gentleman formed any opinion as to the stages of the Budget to be postponed to November?


I cannot answer that question at the present moment, but obviously we are bound to take the Committee and Report stages of the Resolutions.

Resolved, "That the Committee of Ways and Means have precedence this day of the business of Supply."—[The Prime Minister.]

Resolved, "That the proceedings of the Committee of Ways and Means, if under consideration at 11 o'clock this night, be not interrupted under the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[The Prime Minister.]

Several other Members took and subscribed the Oath, and one other Member made and subscribed the Affirmation required by law.