HC Deb 27 June 1910 vol 18 c681

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether his attention has been called to the case of Thomas Hennessy, of Doonbeg, West Clare, who was formerly a tenant on the estate of Colonel R. Massey Studdert, but was evicted in March, 1904, for non-payment of rent; whether he is aware that four years ago Mr. Ryan, an inspector for the Estates Commissioners, visited the farm with the intention of effecting a settlement between Mr. Hennessy and the landlord, and also offered Mr. Hennessy a free Grant of £120 and a loan of £80 for building purposes; whether the negotiations fell through simply because Mr. Hennessy, who had lost cattle to a considerable value, was unable to find the purchasing price assessed; and whether steps can be now taken to reinstate Mr. Hennessy and give him reasonable assistance in stocking and building?


The Estates Commissioners received an application from Hennessy for reinstatement, and after inspection of his former holding intimated the price which they were prepared to advance for its purchase. Neither the landlord nor the evicted tenant was satisfied with the price, and the Commissioners could not therefore take any further action. The case cannot be dealt with under the Evicted Tenants Act, as the eviction took place since the passing of the Irish Land Act, 1903.