HC Deb 23 June 1910 vol 18 cc503-4

asked the Secretary for War whether he has under consideration a scheme for the enumeration or registration, for military purposes, of all horses in civilian ownership; and whether he is in a position to indicate the approximate range of salary to be paid to the officials engaged on such work?


The reply to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. The reply to the second part of the question is that it is not considered necessary to employ special salaried officials for the work of classifying the police Census, but a scale of salaries which it is proposed to pay on mobilisation to the persons who will then be actually engaged in the work of collecting horses has been submitted to county associations for their remarks.


When is this scheme likely to get beyond the stage of consideration?


A great deal of progress has been made with it. The hon. Member must remember that this has to go through the Quartermaster-General's department in order to make the necessary arrangements with the Commander-in-Chief.


Is this new scheme for the registration of horses to be issued to the Territorial Associations, and have any registration officers been appointed?


No. This is the scheme which was discussed on the Estimates. We have not yet got to the stage of appointing registration officers. It is taking its course, and we shall at the proper time consult the associations on the point of the work to be done.