HC Deb 25 July 1910 vol 19 cc1763-4

May I ask the Prime Minister whether, if the Third Reading of the Appropriation Bill is not reached till a late hour, he will make arrangements for taking it at another time, and, perhaps, I may be permitted to explain that it only appears on the Notice Paper second, and there is a good deal of private business which will come on at 8.15 which might delay the taking of it? I do not know how long that private business may take, but on the face of it it appears contentious put down "by Order." May I say further that my reason for making this appeal is that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has just pointed to the Third Reading of the Appropriation Bill as our opportunity for discussing a matter of great importance to the licensed trade, and also the control of this House over taxation?


I was not aware that there was any private business of importance to-night and I do not know how long the private business may take. It may be a very short time, and it is set down for a quarter-past eight o'clock. The Royal Assent to the Appropriation Bill must be obtained not later than Wednesday, but if the right hon. Gentleman will allow us we will consult with his side of the House, and see whether arrangements convenient to all parties can be made.


If arrangements are made, will the convenience of other Members besides those on the Front Benches be consulted?


Yes; the convenience of other hon. Members will certainly be consulted.

NEW MEMBER SWORN-Colonel Kyffin Taylor, for the Kirkdale Division of Liverpool, in the room of Mr. Charles M'Arthur, deceased.