HC Deb 22 July 1910 vol 19 cc1717-8

If Her Majesty Queen Mary shall, after becoming Regent, be reconciled to or hold communion with the See or Church of Rome, or shall profess the Roman Catholic religion, or shall marry a person professing the Roman Catholic religion, or shall cease to reside in or absent herself otherwise than temporarily from the United Kingdom, Her Majesty shall no longer be guardian and Regent; and all the powers and authorities which she may have derived under or by virtue of this Act shall thenceforth cease and determine.

The following Amendment stood on the Order Paper in the name of Mr. MACVEAGH:—

In Clause 5, after the word "religion" ["professing the Roman Catholic religion"] insert the words "or do any of these things in the case of the Church of Ireland Disestablished, the Episcopal Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, the United Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland or England, the Wesleyan Methodists, the Primitive Methodists, the Methodists New Connexion, the Bible Christians, the United Methodists, the Free United Methodists, Independents, Congregationalists, Baptists, Welsh Calvinists, Salvation Army, Unitarians, Sabbatarians, Friends, Church of Christ, Moravians, Christadelphians, Disciples of Christ, Swedenborgians, Mormons, Jews, Plymouth Brethren, Theosophists, Christian Scientists, Irvingites, Copts, Confucians, Parsees, Adventists, Pentecostal Dancers, Armenians, Mahomedans, Buddhists, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, or any other of the five hundred and sixty-nine denominations not in communion with the Church of England as by law established."


The Amendment standing in the name of the hon. Member for South Down has evidently been put down in a spirit of mockery.

Whereupon Mr. SPEAKER adjourned the House without Question put, pursuant to Standing Order No. 3.

Adjourned at Five minutes before Seven o'clock, till Monday next, 25th July.