HC Deb 07 July 1910 vol 18 cc1776-7

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether police pensioners employed in Ireland as watchers in the Customs Department are not called upon to retire until the age of sixty-five, whereas civilians employed by the Department of Agriculture as ship inspectors to do similar work are, by Treasury regulation, compelled to retire at the age of sixty, although physically quite competent to carry out their duties; and whether he will consider the possibility of giving a discretionary power to the Board of Agriculture, Ireland, to retain such inspectors as are efficient at least as long as police pensioners and so prevent this discrimination in favour of persons who have other means of support than their salaries?


My right hon. Friend has asked me to answer this question. I understand that the facts are as stated. The Department consider that the rule requiring all ship inspectors to retire at sixty is a salutary one, and should not be changed.


The question on the Paper was directed to the Treasury as the retirement is called for by the Treasury, so, therefore, I think I am entitled to an answer from the Treasury representative.