HC Deb 28 February 1910 vol 14 cc583-4

asked the Chief Secretary whether the Estates Commissioners will state, in the form of a Return or otherwise, the number and the names of the persons who have obtained parcels of land in the county of Dublin under the Land Purchase (Ireland) Act of 1903 and the Evicted Tenants (Ireland) Acts, the place from which each such person has come, the acreage in statute acres of the holding in each case, and the reason, in the case of persons not belonging to the county of Dublin, why they were provided with land in that county before provision was made for county Dublin people entitled to and in need of land?


The Estates Commissioners inform me that they have allotted parcels of untenanted land purchased by them in county Dublin to fifty-eight persons, including twenty-four tenants evicted from holdings in the county, and eighteen evicted from holdings in other counties. Of the remaining sixteen persons to whom parcels have been allotted five belong to county Dublin and eleven to other counties. For the further particulars which he requires I would refer the hon. Member to the Quarterly Returns of Proceedings under the Evicted Tenants Act, and the Monthly Returns of Advances under the Irish Land Act, 1903, which are presented to Parliament. The lands were allotted by the Commissioners in the discretion vested in them.