HC Deb 28 February 1910 vol 14 c591

The following Bills were presented, and read the first time:—

Mr. LEWIS HARCOURT—Duke of York's School (Chapel)—Bill to vest in the Commissioners of Works, freed from ecclesiastical uses, the chapel comprised in the buildings situate in the metropolitan borough of Chelsea, formerly occupied by the Duke of York's Royal Military School. (To be read a second time 1st March.)

Mr. LEWIS HARCOURT—Ancient Monuments Protection—Bill to amend the Ancient Monuments Protection Acts, 1882 to 1900, with respect to the gift, devise, or bequest of monuments to the Commissioners of Works. (To be read a second time 1st March.)

Mr. STUART-WORTLEY—Bishopric of Sheffield—Bill to provide for the foundation of a Bishopric of Sheffield; and for other matters incidental thereto. (To be read a second time 6th May.)

Mr. WARING—Poor Law Amendment (Scotland)—Bill to simplify the mode of raising the assessment for the poor in Scotland. (To be read a second time 21st March.)

Mr. MILLAR—Absent Voters—Bill to facilitate the recording of Votes at Parliamentary elections by fishermen, sailors, and other persons liable to habitual absence from their usual residence in pursuit of their calling. (To be read a second time 17th March.)

Captain CRAIG—Irish National Schools (Heating and Cleansing)—Bill to provide for the Heating and Cleansing of National Schoolhouses in Ireland. (To be read a second time 7th March.)

Sir FREDERICK BANBURY—Dogs (Protection)—Bill to prohibit experiments upon dogs. (To be read a second time 2nd March.)

Mr. SUMMERS—Local Authorities (Legal Expenses)—Bill to enable local authorities to contribute towards the expenses of legal proceedings and private and other Bills involving questions of common interest. (To be read a second time 6th May.)

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