HC Deb 27 April 1910 vol 17 cc435-6

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether, in view of the long period which must yet elapse before all sections of the police force under his control receive one day's rest in seven, he will consider the possibility of providing some extra pay in the case of those men at least who are compelled to wait for more than six months?


asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will consider the question of giving extra pay to Metropolitan Police who are not receiving the one day rest in seven promised?

The SECRETARY of STATE for the HOME DEPARTMENT (Mr. Churchill)

The one day's rest in seven is a large concession, to be granted wholly at the expense of the London ratepayers and without any deduction from the pay of the men 'who are to enjoy the benefit of it. From the first it has been stated that it would have to be introduced gradually, and that it might take four years to complete the necessary addition to the force; but the first instalment has already been given to all the men in the force, and the other instalments, as they follow, will extend in the same way to the whole force. In these circumstances, I am sure my hon. Friend will see that there is no case for any Grant of extra pay.


Is it at all possible to give some Imperial assistance to carry out this useful reform without imposing upon the local ratepayers the whole burden?


Can the right hon. Gentleman make some statement as to any assistance that may be given to bring the Bill at present before the House to a final issue?


With regard to the first question, it is not one that I can answer at all. It is a matter for the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister, seeing it has reference to the relation between Imperial and local taxation. With respect to the question of the hon. Member opposite, I have carefully considered the matter, and if he brings his Bill on I will use any influence I can on its behalf to secure its passage through the House. But, as I say, I am not authorised to make any promise in regard to it.


When will the second instalment come?


We are labouring to carry out the matter as quickly as we can with regard to the Metropolitan police. The number of extra men to be recruited is, I think, 1,600. A very large number of men have to be recruited every year as it is, and the facilities for recruiting and training are limited, and so also is the supply of high-class men required. Therefore it is not possible to accelerate the augmentation of the force beyond a certain point, but we are getting on as quickly as possible.


Why is Scotland excluded from the Bill brought in by the hon. Gentleman the Member for Holborn?